Day 21: Hint

S/MIME, PGP Bruteforce, Citrix


Day 17: Hint

And there it comes the magic cloud called Google cloud =O Reindeers aren't used to this kind of clouds. Is this some kind of global warming effect? =O https://cloud.google.com/firestore/docs/reference/rest/


Day 12:Hint



Flag format

Santa saw that a lot of letters have the wrong format. So he is despatching this message: All flags are in the format: xmas{} furthermore, flags can contain spaces. Invalid examples: XMAS{}, Xmas{}, dsadasd, {flag}


Day 2: Hint

Some elves told us about OSINT. Have you ever heard about OSINT? They gave Santa a hint regarding an image with Xmas tree that's spreading on social media sites! 3/3(FB, Twitter)


Issue when submitting flag

It looks like some Bad Christmas Elf manages to sneak past our guards and he introduced some small bug in our code deployment. Guards already gave him lessons about testing, test cases, and the proper way to develop and test python development.